O-EVENT in English

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Click the image to see a map with all the facilities and the two competition arenas (green dots marked E1, E2, E3).



English summary of the event:

O-EVENT is a three-day sprint challenge in the Swedish city of Borås east of Gothenburg. It is one of the largest annual orienteering events in the district with a total of over 6000 completed races through the weekend. It is the perfect ending of the autumn orienteering season on these latitudes.

Each race is a sprint of 2-4 km and each of them has its own special touch.

    • Sprint by Night:
      Sweden’s largest individual night race. [City / park terrain]


    • Downhill Sprint:
      Make your way to the finish by first ascending the slopes of Rya Åsar, and then descending them again at high speed. [Forest terrain]


    • ZOOrientering:
      Enter the wildlife in a whole new way. Run among the various fenced animals in one of Sweden’s best zoos. [Park / forest terrain]


One major goal of the whole event is to give you that little extra. The competition arena is for example located inside one of the largest football arenas of the district. GPS-tracking and media production has been present throughout the years, and there are always some hi-tech solutions to expect.


Visiting, living in and experiencing the city of Borås is also made easy by the event and you can book lodging as well as food through our website. The website is as you can see mainly in Swedish, but the crew is more than happy to help you make bookings by email contact. And we recommend to also try out google translate’s version of the website.







































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